EPIPA is very pleased that this important milestone has been reached, it is a major step forward in the professionalization of the industry. The certification is called European Patent Administration Certification (EPAC) and it will touch all formal aspects of EPC and PCT.

There are no requirements for enrolling, but it is expected that in order to pass the exam, the candidate must have worked and gained knowledge as a patent paralegal or formalities officer for at least a few years.

As training material, the EPO Academy has prepared 19 PowerPoint presentations that cover different aspects of the syllabus. Additionally, there are some Word documents available that deal with the information from the presentations in greater detail. All these documents are available for free for anyone to access from the EPO web site. It is expected that the training program will be expanded with more traditional courses in the coming years.

For long, this has been a major goal for us, not only for the national organizations but certainly also for EPIPA.  In essence we need this important step and development to further distinguish ourselves as IP professionals.

Read the announcement here: https://www.epo.org/news-events/news/2022/20220714.html