MyEPO Portfolio

The following information reached us from Eimer Luck and Ulrike Engels, who are Key Account Managers at the EPO:

A fresh approach to working online with the EPO
New and improved Mailbox & MyFiles in MyEPO Portfolio

MyEPO Portfolio is a fully operational replacement for the current Mailbox and MyFiles services. It brings many improvements and new features, such as the “Tasks” area; all available from one access point.

When accessing the EPO Mailbox through MyEPO Portfolio, you can

  • preview each communication in the browser and navigate directly to the digital file for your application
  • make use of the “recently read” folder
  • set up email alerts to inform you about incoming EPO communications, new actions, and upcoming deadlines

In MyEPO Portfolio, MyFiles is replaced by Applications and Patents and together with the “Tasks” areas, it permits you to

  • view your portfolios of applications and access the digital file for each application
  • reply to the EPO without having to prepare a separate EP1038 in one of the other online filing tools
  • see your pending office actions with a convenient indication of time limits

Under the Tasks area, replies to R71(3) and Art 94(2) communications are currently being supported. More actions will be added gradually, until all office actions are visible and accessible.

In MyEPO Portfolio, it is foreseen to put more emphasis on paralegals and IP support staff, which will enable them to have access to Applications and Patents and to prepare submissions. Today in MyEPO Portfolio, patent attorneys can already grant access to portfolios for their teams, and we will soon introduce new options, so company administrators can manage this access as well.

MyEPO Portfolio will replace the current Mailbox and MyFiles services, which we expect to decommission in June 2024. Users have confirmed that the new Mailbox and Applications and Patents services are easily accessible via MyEPO Portfolio.

Take advantage of this opportunity and adopt the new MyEPO Portfolio in your everyday dealings with the EPO.

Eimer Luck & Ulrike Engels
Key Account Managers