The European Platform of Intellectual Property Administrators (EPIPA) was officially founded in January 2017 by the Danish Association of Intellectual Property Administrators (DAIPA), the Norwegian Association of Intellectual Property Administrators (NAIPA) and the Dutch Association Platform Formalities Officers.

Since then, UK CIPA IP Paralegals Committee (CIPA) and the Finnish Association of Intellectual Property Administrators have joined EPIPA, now representing more than 1300 IP Administrators.

It is hoped that in the future more national organizations will join the European Platform.

A European Platform is of added value to the IP Administrators and gives more power to make things happen. One of the goals of the European Platform is to enhance the cooperation between National Associations of IP Administrators in Europe and to maintain and improve the high level of knowledge of the IP Administrators. A further objective is to raise more awareness and recognition of the profession “Intellectual Property Administrators” and to be a sparring-partner for international authorities.


EPAC 2022 Results


The EPAC 2022 results are now published.


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Eimer Luck and Ulrike Engels, who are Key Account Managers at the EPO, sent us information about MyEPO Portfolio.


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