In line with its strategic plan 2016-2020, the EUIPO established the EUIPO Trade Mark and Design Education Programme (ETMD EP) where the objective was to increase the knowledge of the legal framework of European Union trademarks and Community designs.

In this connection the preparation for the 1st edition of a new ETMD Education Programme intended for paralegals was initiated, and in EPIPA we were honoured and excited to be asked to nominate, from among our members, representatives to the Advisory Committee and the Examination Board.

The course consists of six modules with exams at the end of each module.

The pilot editions of the first two years have been completed by approximately 120 participants from all over Europe. 

The 3rd edition of the programme started on 21 September 2023.

In the 3rd edition EPIPA is represented by Stine Nørgaard Axelsen from our Danish member association DAIPA (Examination Board paralegal programme), Camilla Udd from the Finnish Association of Intellectual Property Administrators (Advisory Committee) and Vicky Maynard from the UK CIPA IP Paralegals Committee (Examination Board practitioners programme).

More information is available on the website of EUIPO: